Shipping methods and general shipping information





  • If external damage is visible when you accept your package, please note on the waybill “Packaging damaged – acceptance with reservation” and have this acknowledged directly by the delivery person.
  • After unpacking the package, please check all goods for completeness and integrity.
  • If something has been damaged in transit to you, ideally document the damage with photos and report it immediately after delivery to the carrier and within 7-14 days, quoting the order number, to:
  • In case of claims for damages against the insurance company we need all documents of the damage case (waybill, photos, complaint to the transport company, estimate for repairs etc.).
  • Occasionally, accessories that are in the package are reported as “missing”. Please look through the package and packing material carefully so as not to miss any accessories inside.



To avoid transport damage to your calibration items on their way to us, we recommend that you
to use a cushioning and stable packaging for the transport and to observe the following instructions:

  • Water-Triplepointcells should be transported upright and standing (e.g. on a pallet)
  • Dry Block calibrators should be transported upright
  • Calibration inserts and reference thermometers are required for calibration and should be
    be included in the package, but should not be in the calibrator.
  • We recommend personal collection of standard thermometers (SPRTs).


Thank you for your assistance!



General packing and shipping costs


Shipping costs flat rate:
Germany: 7,90 €
Austria: 10,90 €
Switzerland: 12,90 €
Spain: 20,90 €

Shipping on a palett (e.g. for Water-Triplepointcells):
please ask for current price

Packing costs flat rate: 19,90 €
(If new packing is needed)

Special packing for Dry Block calibrators: 34,90 €
(inclusive Damping insert)

Special packing for Water-Triplepointcells: 74,90 €
(inklusive palett)


Online Shop

Delivery is only to business customers within Germany to a shipping address located in Germany.
No sale to private individuals.

The shipping costs are a flat rate of 7,90 € within Germany.

Alternatively, the ordered items can be picked up at the company Klasmeier on site:


Kalibrier- und Messtechnik GmbH
Flemingstraße 12-14
D-36041 Fulda

Opening hours warehouse:

Monday to Thursday: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Friday: 8:30 am to 2:00 pm