News at Klasmeier: After five years of development, we are
offering now the
repair of precision thermometers – and therefor also a very sustainable solution for the industry.


(standard thermometer)


(Pt100, Pt25, etc.)


(type R, S, B, Pt/Pd, Au/Pt)


How did we come up with the idea? The beginning was a broken thermometer in our own laboratory. And we asked ourselves whether we couldn’t fix it. Temperature professionals know: With each use, thermometers become more stable through heating and cooling. They therefore become better and better. It’s a bit like a good wine that ages for a long time …
It’s a bit like a good wine that matures for a long time …
If such a device breaks down after ten or even 20 years and has to be replaced by a new one without “history”, not only the financial damage is great.

We were also driven by the important theme of sustainability.So we proceeded step by step; there were no reference books or experiences for our project. First of all, we wanted to repair our own products. This required a lot of learning by doing – and a very steady hand. In addition to the highest level of concentration for this delicate work, we needed our own equipment for filling with protection gas. This was made for us by an Italian manufacturer according to our specifications. The device is able to create negative pressure in the thermometer and remove all the gases in preparation for refilling with the fresh helium-oxygen mixture.



In addition to thermometers from our own production, we can also repair thermometers from all other manufacturers: Standard thermometers (SPRT – Standard Resistance Platinum Thermometer, Pt25.5 and Pt100), secondary thermometers (Pt100) as well as noble metal thermocouples (Pt/Pd, Au/Pt, type R, type S and type B).
To do this, we dismantle the defective thermometer – for example, if the wires are no longer working – right down to the sheath. After the repair, we fit a new handle from our own manufacture with which we can refill the protection gas.

Finally, the thermometer is re-calibrated to ensure that it is working with high precision again. Afterwards, the thermometer is ready for shipping and its valuable history is saved. We are happy to inform interested customers about the details of an individual repair, for which you should schedule about 14 days including calibration.

We would be pleased to inform interested customers
about the details of an individual repair, which should be planned
for around 14 days.