Calibration of eXacal thermometers


eXacal thermometers are calibrated in our own DAkkS calibration laboratory. The manufacturer-independent laboratory works with the measurand temperature. DAkkS accreditation ensures that all calibrations are traceable to national and international standards. The calibration service specialises in calibrating standards for temperature and uses state-of-the-art temperature fixed points and calibration equipment.


Measurement uncertainty of the eXacal thermometers with a DAkkS calibration


The eXacal precision thermometers are calibrated at ITS-90 temperature fixed points in the range from the argon triple point to the silver freezing point with excellent measurement uncertainties. Alternatively, eXacal thermocouples can be calibrated in the temperature range from -80°C to 1200°C using the comparison method.  The measurement uncertainty is calculated from many components. For resistance thermometers, for example, the largest components are reproducibility, ITS-90 characteristic, self-heating and hysteresis.





Questions about calibration?

Contact person: Boris Kalb