We ensure your optimum product quality and safe processes –
with DAkkS (17025) temperature calibrations


We calibrate for you:


(Standard thermometer)

  • Calibration at temperature fixed points
  • Comparison calibration in the calibration bath

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Resistance thermometer
(Pt100, Pt25, usw)

  • Calibration at temperature fixed points
  • Comparison calibration in the calibration bath

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(all types)

  • Calibration at temperature fixed points
  • Comparison calibration in the calibration furnace 

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Dry Block Calibrators

  • Calibration according to DAkkS guideline R5-4
  • Temperature range: -40 °C to 1300 °C

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Fixed points

  • Calibration by comparison with SPRT’s
  • Argon -189.3442 °C to silver 961.78 °C

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Calibration at low

  • Comparison calibration from -80 °C to -180 °C
  • Nitrogen -196 °C, Argon -189.3442 °C

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Because quality does not just happen:
Our DAkkS (17025) certificate

DAkkS accreditation certificate Klasmeier


Calibration services



With us you will get




Fast processes, no delays


  • You benefit from our short lead times of 5 – 7 working
    This helps you to avoid shortages in your work
  • This enables you to complete projects on time and
    fulfil your customers’ expectations.




QM compliance made easy


  • Our calibrations support you in fulfilling your
    quality management requirements.
  • With our help, you remain compliant with industry
    standards and official regulations and are also
    well prepared for any audits.





Complete traceability


  • DAkkS (17025) means that we can guarantee that all
    calibrations are traceable to national and international

    standards. You can be sure that your measurement results
    are precise and trustworthy.
  • The DAkkS calibration certificates are internationally
    and can be used worldwide.




Customised solutions


  • In addition to the standard, we also offer customised
    calibrations that we can flexibly personalise to your
  • With a wide range of devices, calibration inserts and adapters,
    we can offer the right calibration for your measuring





Highlights of our calibration service


  • Full Range calibration at temperature fixed points from -189 °C to 961 °C
  • Comparison calibration at -196 °C and from -80 °C to 1200 °C




What you can expect from us


  • Maximum precision, correspondingly smallest measurement uncertainties
  • international accepted DAkkS calibration certificates
  • Calibrations can be made within five working days.
  • Short sensors from an immersion depth of 300 mm can be calibrated
  • Professional annealing methods improve the stability of your thermometers
  • The calibration service has a triple set of temperature fixed points, so a fixed point calibration can be realised at any time





Specialists for temperature measurements and top quality




Experts in temperature


  • To ensure that your reference thermometers and standards
    are in the best hands, we offer far more than just standard
  • Our expertise in the field of temperature measurement guarantees highest quality and minimal measurement uncertainties for your most valuable thermometers.




Experience and precision


  • We have been operating our calibration laboratory since
    From years of experience, we know exactly how to
    highly sensitive devices and thermometers
    correctly, calibrate them
    optimally and take care of them –
    so that they
    deliver precise results for as many years
    as possible.





Carefree transport


  • You no longer want to be worried about, that your measuring
    devices could be
    damaged during transport? We can offer
    you a safe transport
    for your measuring equipment.
  • Use our Go-Transport service to transport your devices
    and thermometers conveniently and safely to us and back.
    Just get in touch with us!




Direct expert support


  • We offer you access to the expertise and experience of our
    technical experts.
  • They provide you with expert support for all your questions
    concerns. You will receive fast and reliable answers to your
    You will find the contact details of your contact
    at the bottom of this page.



Finding the right calibration solution for you




Questions about our calibration services?


Please send your questions or enquiries to Mr Boris Kalb.

You can reach him via e-mail:
or by phone at +49 661380 940-0