Calibration of temperature fixed points


DAkkS calibration of temperature fixed points


Temperature fixed points are calibrated by comparison with reference temperature fixed points using highly stable standard resistance thermometers (SPRT). The temperature fixed point calibration is provided with a DAkkS calibration certificate as standard.


  • All types of ITS-90 temperature fixed points (slim and primary temperature fixed points, ISO towers).
  • Water triple point cells of any design
  • Heat-pipe set-up
  • Highly stable SPRT’s and MicroK Gold as measurement technology




Uncertainty of measurement during DAkkS calibration

Temperature range Procedure Uncertainty of measurement
0,01 °C G-ITS-90, Part 2.2:2018 Water triple point 0,35 mK *
-38,8344 °C G-ITS-90, Part 2.4:2021 Mercury triple point 2,5 mK
29,7646 °C G-ITS-90, Part 2.4:2021 Gallium melting point 1,5 mK
156,5985 °C KA16-10-02:2020-01 Indium melting point 4,0 mK
231,928 °C KA16-10-02:2020-01 Tin melting point 5,0 mK
419,527 °C KA16-10-02:2020-01 Zinc melting point 8,5 mK
660,323 °C KA16-10-02:2020-01 Aluminium melting point 20 mK

Comparison with reference cell.

* Comparisons with TPW reference fixed point cells (Referenced formed from multiple TPW reference cells).


New digital archive Klasmeier Cloud:
Calibration documents quickly and easily available

The new Klasmeier Cloud – the perfect archive for all calibration documents. From now on, our customers will find a QR code on all devices calibrated by Klasmeier, with which they can quickly and easily access our digital archive. Especially useful: In addition to all calibration documents, the contact details of the relevant contact person at Klasmeier are also always available there. So even five or more years from now, if you have any questions about your calibration product, you can find the information you need with just one click.






Questions about calibration?

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