Thermometer manufactory – Precision thermometers manufactured by hand


In Klasmeier’s eXacal manufactory, the precision thermometers are manufactured by careful handwork in Fulda/Germany. In addition to the design of the actual thermometers, another focus is on the development of our own tools and production processes. For design, production and final DAkkS calibration, no external suppliers are needed apart from the raw materials. This independence guarantees the high quality of the thermometers.





Mechanical manufacturing

Required components, such as handles or prototypes for further development, are produced by machining.

Noble metal welding process

Thermocouple wires and connecting cables are welded by hand with high precision. The gases needed for burning, hydrogen and oxygen, are not stored in bottles, but are produced from water in a 2:1 mixing ratio by electrolysis. This guarantees the purity of the fuel gas.

Laser welding

Extremely delicate connections, such as the connecting wires of the temperature sensors, are welded under the microscope with precision lasers.

Thermal processing of thermo material

One area of expertise is the specific thermal processing of thermocouple wires. Our annealing processes ensure a stable metallurgical and thermoelectrically homogeneous condition of the eXacal thermocouples. Thermal processing of thermo material

Annealing of resistance thermometers

Resistance thermometers are completely annealed according to our customised annealing cycles in a specially designed annealing furnace with oxygen circulation.



3D printing process

Insulation components and complex plastic parts inside the handles, such as strain reliefs, are produced using a modern 3D printing process. This offers us many advantages. Complex designs are produced without manual workarounds and without expensive tools. This saves a lot of time and money. Using 3D printing, eXacal thermometers can be customised as a modular system.






Inhomogeneity scanner

Possible inhomogeneities of the eXacal thermocouples are analysed with the use of an inhomogeneity scanner. A moving heat source tests the entire thermal material of the thermoclouple for local inhomogeneities.

The inhomogeneity scanner is an own development of Klasmeier. With this, the thermocouples of eXacal Manufaktur can be significantly improved:

  • More realistic analysis of the measurement uncertainties
  • Verification of the thermal treatment
  • Improving quality and manufacturing processes

For more information about our inhomogeneity scanner, please visit our blog at: Thermocouple inhomogeneity scan


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