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Precision down the smallest detail


In the world of thermometry, the precision of the temperature detector is a crucial factor for the accuracy and reliability of a thermometer.
As specialists in precision
temperature measurement, our thermometer manufacturing is one of the few global producers that develop and
produce temperature detectors in-house – a characteristic
that sets us apart and underlines our commitment to the highest quality and

The eXacal temperature detectors represent our expertise and our focus on high-precision temperature measurements, harmonized with the International Temperature Scale of 1990 (ITS-90), and separate from the conventional DIN EN 60751 standard. With a temperature range
from -200 °C to 670 °C
, we cover the relevant calibration
ranges of the ITS-90, from the temperature fixed points argon to aluminum. 




The eXacal temperature detectors
stand for:


  • Highest stability
  • Excellent reproducibility
  • Low self-heating
  • Small hysteresis
  • Conformity with the requirements of ITS-90





Temperature detector and thermometer manufacture:
a symbiosis for precision

The combination of the production of temperature detectors and thermometers
enables us to offer a wide range of precision thermometers manufactured in our thermometer factory:

  • SPRT standard thermometers
  • Secondary PRT
  • Industrial reference PRT and RTD




The production of a temperature detector is a work of art in itself…


a highly complex, filigree process in which ultra-pure platinum wire is threaded extremely fine by hand under a microscope onto a carrier body made of ceramic or quartz, for example. Before threading, the platinum wire must be wound into a coil using a specially designed winding machine.

These highly delicate temperature detectors, which must be protected from environmental influences, are assembled in our thermometer factory and made into precision thermometers.

Our temperature detectors are characterised in particular by compliance with the ITS-90 criteria. These are the requirements that a thermometer must meet in order to be labelled as an “SPRT standard thermometer” according to ITS-90.

The temperature coefficient (TC), or the alpha value, is not considered according to DIN EN 60751, but is represented as a so-called W value, whereby eXacal temperature detector meet the requirement of W-gallium 1.11807.



Customer benefits




Quality and control from a single manufacturer


  • Our customers benefit from this combination of temperature detector production and thermometer manufacture. By controlling every aspect – from design to production and final calibration according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 in accordance with DAKKS – we can offer customised solutions and respond quickly to customer enquiries.
  • As a family business, we are not dependent on external influences, which allows us to act independently and concentrate fully on the requirements and needs of our customers.



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