Full Immersion PRT
-100 °C – 240 °C


Manufacturer: Klasmeier
Model: eXacal 206

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Temperature-Resistant Full Immersion PRT with High Moisture Resistance.

The eXacal immersion thermometers (platinum resistance thermometers) are temperature sensors made for extreme environments. They need to handle both the transition junction and the wires being exposed to temperatures across the sensor’s entire temperature range. These immersion thermometers can be used in different settings, like calibrating sensors in laboratory coolers, autoclaves, ovens, stability test chambers, and incubators. They are 70 mm long and 4 mm in diameter. You can fully immerse them in liquids or dry materials from -100 °C to 240 °C. The immersion thermometer, with a standard resistance of 100 Ohms, is designed to keep water and moisture out. It can achieve measurement uncertainties of up to 5 mK with a DAkkS calibration.

Technical Data

Temperature Range -100°C to 240°C
Designation Model 206
Length 70 mm
Diameter 4 mm
Transition Sleeve ø7 mm x 30 mm
Connection Cable 1 m
Temperature Sensor Pt100 Wire-Wound