Type R / Type S
temperature difference thermocouple
(0 °C … 1200 °C)


Each eXacal thermometer is supplied in a matching case. Optionally, a high-quality wooden carrying case can be ordered.
Manufacturer: Klasmeier / eXacal
Model: Typ R/ Typ S Differenzthermoelement


Temperature difference thermocouples made of precious metal (type R thermocouple or type S thermocouple) for measuring vertical temperature gradients.

  • Temperature differential measurement up to 1200 °C
  • Measuring of vertical temperature gradients
  • same high quality thermocouple material as standard thermocouples

The thermocouple for temperature differential measurement is a practical helper in daily laboratory work. The thermometer facilitates the work at the:

  • Measuring vertical temperature gradients
    Vertical temperature gradients must be determined as part of the measurement uncertainty of a calibration (e.g. according to DKD-R 5-4 “Calibration of block calibrators”, DKD-R 5-3 “Calibration of thermocouples” or DKD-R 5-1 “Calibration of resistance thermometers”).
  • Optimizing calibration furnaces
    When optimizing heating zones on calibration furnaces, such as the 3-zone high-temperature calibration furnace or the Medusa 511 calibration furnace, precise temperature differences must be measured.

It consists of two type R or type S thermocouples connected against each other, which are made of the same high quality thermo material as our normal thermocouples. The interconnection results is a temperature differential measurement.


Schematische Darstellung: zwei gegeneinander geschaltete Thermoelemente

Schematic representation: two thermocouples connected against each other

The thermometer has a 500 mm long measuring point so that the absolute difference can be measured at the silver fixed point. In order to be able to use the thermocouple for temperature difference measurement even with differing immersion depths, an inhomogeneity scan is also done.


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    Technical Data

    Model No. KK-155 Thermocouple for temperature
    Differential measurement
    Connection  Stress free copper wire
     Type  Typ R or Typ S
    Temperature range  0 °C to 1200 °C
    • Type R oder Type S
    • maximum available purity
    • thermically treated and annealed
    Measuring point
    • made of gas-tight high-purity ceramic
    Handle maximum permanent temperature 100 °C
    Protection tube measuring point  Ø 7 mm x 500 mm
    Handle  Ø 20 mm x 95 mm
    Length Thermowire  2 m
    Cold junction Ø 6 mm x 280 mm (stainless steel) with two meters connection cable
    made of low EMF copper
    connection cable
     2 m low EMF copper
    Matching case high-quality wooden carrying case