Type B
control element
(up to 1500 °C)


Type B thermocouple for high temperature control of furnaces up to 1500°C.

Each eXacal thermometer is supplied in a matching case. Optionally, a high-quality wooden carrying case can be ordered.

Manufacturer: Klasmeier / eXacal
Model: Type B control element KK-184


Thermocouple (temperature sensor / control sensor) for temperature control of furnaces at high temperatures (up to 1500°C) such as:

  • Tube furnaces
  • industrial installations
  • Calibration equipment
  • Industrial furnaces
  • Laboratory furnaces
  • Muffle furnaces


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    Technical Data

    Model No.   KK-184 Type B
    Temperature range  0°C to 1500°C
    • Type B
    • maximum available purity
    • thermically treated and annealed
    Measuring point made of gas-tight high-purity ceramic
    Protection tube measuring point  Ø 5 mm x 300 mm
    Length connection cable  0,7 m
    Connection  Mini plug