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DAkkS (17025) calibration temperature tester

DAkkS (17025) calibration of a temperature tester at 5 temperature points. The calibration result consists of the following data: Offset of the temperature tester at the test points Uncertainty of calibration Calibration time approx. ...

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DAkkS (17025) Calibration dry block calibrator

DAkkS (17025) calibration of a dry block calibrator at 5 temperature points (distributed over the calibration range or according to customer requirements). Including adjustment of the controller and the display if the offset of the calibrator is not meetin ...

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Calibration of dry block calibrators

  DAkkS Calibration of Dry Block Calibrators   Dry-block calibrators are calibrated by comparison with calibrated resistance thermometers or thermocouples. The calibration is based on the DAkkS-DKD guideline R5-4 for calibrating bloc ...

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Calibration Service

  We ensure your optimum product quality and safe processes - with DAkkS (17025) temperature calibrations   We calibrate for you:   SPRT (Standard thermometer) Calibration at temperature fixed points Comparison ...

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