Type R
industrial reference thermocouple
0 °C bis 1200 °C

705,00 1.190,00 

Manufacturer: Klasmeier / eXacal
Model: Type R thermocouple KK-167


Type R Thermocouple

Precision thermocouples made of nobel metal (type R thermocouple). Optimized for applications with small immersion depths, e.g. in dry block calibrators.

  • industrial Type R Thermocouple
  • optimized for use with small immersion depths
  • small inhomogeneity due to thermally annealed thermowires
  • Thin measuring point for fast response times
  • ideal for industrial use e.g. in dry block calibrators

The Type R thermocouple is developed specifically as a temperature standard for industrial calibrations and temperature measurements. It is made of the same high-quality thermocouple material as the Type R/Type S precision thermocouple. The only difference is that the design of the Type R thermocouple is specially adapted to industrial requirements. For example, the measuring point is made of a smaller protection tube. Due to these small dimensions, the Type R thermocouple can be used, for example, as a temperature standard during calibration with dry block calibrators. As a further adaptation to industrial conditions an external reference junction is optional. As standard Type R thermocouple mini plugs can be used. 


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    Technical Data

    Model No.   KK-167
    Temperature range 0 °C to 1200 °C
    • Type R Thermocouple (Pt13Rh/Pt)
    • maximum availible purity
    • thermically treated and annealed
    Measuring point made of gas-tight high-purity ceramic
    Characteristic DIN EN 60584 (individual parameters are calculated during a calibration)
    Measurement uncertainty (at a DAkkS calibration)
    Comparison calibration
    0 °C to 962 °C
    >962 °C to 1200 °C

    0,8 K

    1,5 K
    Length 300 mm
    Protection tube measuring point Ø 5 mm x 290 mm
    Handle Ø 12 mm x 40 mm
    Length Thermowire 300 mm
    Length Connection cable 700 mm