DAkkS (17025) comparison calibration gold/platinum or platinum/palladium thermocouple

Thermocouples in the temperature range 0 °C up to
1200 °C are calibrated by the comparison method
using platinum/palladium thermocouples (Pt/Pd) or gold/platinum thermocouples (Au/Pt) as standards.


DAkkS (17025) comparison calibration Au/Pt or Pt/Pd thermocouple.

Comparison calibration with platinum/gold or platinum/palladium thermocouples as standard.

DAkkS (17025) measurement uncertainty:

Temperature range Measurement uncertainty
0 °C to 962 °C 400 mK
962 °C to 1200 °C 1500 mK

The minimum immersion depth of the thermocouple is 300mm, the maximum outer diameter 8mm.

The achievable measurement uncertainties depend on the test unit.

Calibration time approx. 5 working days or by arrangement.

Please specify the desired calibration points in your request.


Including Klasmeier Cloud:
Our digital archive for your calibration documents


From now on you will find a QR code on all devices calibrated by Klasmeier,
with which you can quickly and easily access our digital archive in order to view your
calibration results.