DAkkS (17025) calibration temperature fixed point cells

DAkkS calibration of an ITS-90 temperature fixed point cell

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DAkkS (17025) Calibration of an ITS-90 temperature fixed point cell (metal or quartz sheath) by comparison with a reference fixed point cell using highly stable standard resistance thermometers.

The following measurement uncertainties are achieved:

Fixed point Temperature Measurement uncertainties
Mercury -38,8344 °C 2,5 mK
Water 0,01 °C 0,35 mK
Gallium 29,7646 °C 1,5 mK
Indium 156,5985 °C 4 mK
Tin 231,928 °C 5 mK
Zinc 419,527 °C 8,5 mK
Aluminium 660,323 °C 20 mK

Calibration time approx. 5 working days or by arrangement.


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