DAkkS (17025) calibration nobel metal thermocouple at fixed points


The calibration of nobel metal thermocouples is done at ITS-90 temperature fixed points in the range from water triple point up to silver freezing point with excellent measurement uncertainties.

Delivery time: 4 - 5 working days


DAkkS (17025) calibration of  a nobel metal thermocouple (e.g. type R and type S) at the temperature fixed points of the ITS-90.

Achievable DAkkS (17025) measurement uncertainties:

Calibration point Measurement uncertainty
Water triple point 0,01 °C 200 mK
Indium melting point 156,5985 °C 400 mK
Tin melting point 231,927 °C 400 mK
Zinc melting point 419,527 °C 500 mK
Aluminium melting point 660,323 °C 500 mK
Silver melting point 961,78 °C 600 mK

Additional calibration point (comparison method):

Calibration point Measurement uncertainty
1200 °C  1,5 K

In addition, an inhomogeneity scan including graphical evaluation of the thermocouple is done.

The minimum immersion depth of the standard thermometer is 480 mm, the maximum outer diameter 8 mm.

Calibration time approx. 5 working days or by arrangement.


Including Klasmeier Cloud:
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From now on you will find a QR code on all devices calibrated by Klasmeier,
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