DAkkS (17025) Calibration dry block calibrator


Block calibrators are calibrated by comparison with calibrated resistance thermometers or thermocouples as standard. 

Delivery time: 4 - 5 working days


DAkkS (17025) calibration of a dry block calibrator at 5 temperature points (distributed over the calibration range or according to customer requirements). Including adjustment of the controller and the display if the offset of the calibrator is not meeting the specifications (for ISOTECH instruments).

The calibration result consists of the following data:

  • Deviation of the calibrator at the test points
  • Uncertainty of calibration

For adjustment additionally:

  • Start values of the dry block calibrator
  • Correction values for adjustment

Calibration time approx. 5 working days or by arrangement.


Including Klasmeier Cloud:
Our digital archive for your calibration documents


From now on you will find a QR code on all devices calibrated by Klasmeier,
with which you can quickly and easily access our digital archive in order to view your
calibration results.