NEW: DAkkS calibration of thermometers at low temperatures


We are pleased to offer you DAkkS-accredited calibrations of thermometers in the temperature range from -180 °C to -80 °C and at the fixed point temperatures of -189 °C and -196 °C from now on.
Through the important process of calibration, we ensure that your instruments deliver accurate results, guaranteeing your product quality and safety.

Make an appointment today for a DAkkS accredited calibration of your low temperature
thermometers and ensure accurate and reliable measurements!


Calibration at low temperatures
An overview of our DAkkS services



-189 °C

ITS-90 calibration
to the 
argon triple point




-196 °C

Thermometer calibration
with liquid nitrogen
as reference temperature



-180 °C to -80 °C

Thermometer calibration 
with selectable
calibration points in
the nitrogen cryostat