New at Klasmeier: Repair of precision thermometers


NEW at Klasmeier: Repair of precision thermometers


We have expanded our service:
From now on, we offer the repair of precision thermometers.

Perhaps you feel the same way we do. The longer you use a thermometer, the less you want to be without it: Through many years of operation and regular calibration, it becomes more stable and therefore gets a unique, valuable “history”. How annoying when it breaks.

Exactly this happened in our own laboratory and brought us to the question: Why not repair it? We have looked at this and step by step we have found a way. As you can imagine, it was not easy to realise our sustainable idea.

Now the time has come:
We can repair your precision thermometers – and not just from our own brand.

Read more about this service – which is also very exciting for us.


We repair for you:

(standard resistance
platinum thermometers)


Precision thermometers
(Pt100, Pt25, etc.)


(Type R, S, B, Pt/Pd, Au/Pt)